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When I served on the AAUW Board with Amy Blackwell, I could depend on her to speak judiciously with intelligence and insight on the full range of issues we encountered. She has the unusual ability to assess and communicate analytical and theoretical concepts.
— Betsy McDowell, Immediate Past Member, AAUW Board of Directors
I’m delighted to endorse Amy Blackwell for AAUW Board Chair. I have worked with all three Chair candidates and they are all competent. I had the pleasure of working with Amy as an AAUW National Board Member from 2013-2015. She was thoughtful, inclusive, thorough, and could easily move between big picture thinking and details. She was also fun to work with, and welcoming and helpful to me as a new board member. Amy has been and continues to be an incredible advocate for AAUW and all of its members and associates.
— Rebecca Norlander, AAUW Board of Directors 2013-2017
Amy is a most qualified candidate for Board Chair. AAUW would benefit greatly from her energy!
— Brenda Wolfe, Past AAUW Colorado President & AAUW STEM Task Force Co-chair
It is an honor and a pleasure to endorse Amy Blackwell for AAUW Board Chair. Amy has extensive knowledge of AAUW through her broad experience at all levels of AAUW having held branch, state and national leadership positions. She has been personally involved as a certified AAUW Start Smart and Work Smart facilitator, and she understands as a major donor and personally supports our philanthropic initiatives. Amy has the energy needed to keep up with societal progress and the understanding of how it applies to AAUW progress. Amy has the commitment to successfully lead our AAUW into the future.
— Karen Kirkwood, Minnesota, AAUW Minnesota mover-and-shaker and AAUW Charting the Course committee member