Vigor + Vision = Blackwell 4 AAUW

Even if AAUW closes every gender gap, we will have to remain eternally vigilant lest we lose our hard-won rights. Because gaping gender gaps still remain -- and backslide is afoot -- there are three keys to my AAUW vision: mass mobilization, patriarchy defection, and flexible tactics.

Why vote for me for AAUW Board Chair? My AAUW service is extensive on the international, national, state, and branch levels. When I served recently on the AAUW Board of Directors, I realized how different that board is from the typical state or branch board. Being a director or officer on that body requires a high level of fiscal and fiduciary responsibility, a dedication to collaborative leadership, an ability to see the big picture while staying out of the weeds, the ability to assess annually and candidly the job performance of the CEO (the board's sole employee, who then hires a staff to help her carry out board directives), and the foresight to position AAUW as an effective nonprofit corporate organization for the short-term and long-term future. Furthermore, the AAUW Board Chair must know how to facilitate constructive dialogue among diverse board member voices, balance our objectives and strategies, keep a cool head in challenging times, act with vigor, and speak confidently to internal and external audiences with the one voice of the collective board -- all while focusing primarily on AAUW's mission of advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research. My professional, academic, state appointed public official, and AAUW experiences -- especially my service on the AAUW Board of Directors' executive committee 2013-2015 -- all position me as an effective AAUW Board Chair who comes highly recommended by my AAUW peers.

I am Amy Blackwell, AAUW Board Chair candidate, and I approve this campaign message and website.

AAUW: empowering women since 1881

All photography and videography provided by Keith Decker and Amy Blackwell